Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You asked for it, America.

As I write this I'm seeing the White House go to Sen. Obama (who has never been in charge of anything). It is thoroughly underwhelming.

I walked away from the television after having heard enough gloating to last a lifetime (before 10pm).

What I fear this means I described in my previous post. I pray that I'm wrong.

My anger may settle... I cling to my God (and any guns I may own) while ambiguous "CHANGE" is imposed upon me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been overdramatic most of my life...

I can remember other elections in the past when I was sure a particular outcome would have tragic results. I comfort myself now with the hope that I was occasionally way off base in those thoughts. Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic again.

Nonetheless, I can not escape the sick feeling of bitterness in my stomach that America is about to entrench itself further into making abortion a permanent stain on the American landscape.

My imagination runs wild with what the Democrats would do with possession of the White House along with super-majorities in both houses of Congress.

I think one should expect that during an Obama administration with both houses of congress in Democratic control the following will happen:
* Abortion will remain legal at any time in any manner for any reason (or no reason) and any attempt to restrict it will be destroyed.
* Christians (and Muslims) will increasingly face pressure to conform to the tyranny of political correctness. Houses of worship of any faith will be made to submit to "hate speech" rules of political correctness regardless of the position of their faith's beliefs. I believe this will impact Christians and Muslims alike who may believe that homosexual activity is wrong. Preachers will no longer be permitted to declare their faith's beliefs without fear of legal problems.
* Private youth organizations and private colleges and universities will be forced to either admit practicing homosexuals as leaders contrary to their doctrines or close.
* Taxes will go up. (This pales by comparison in importance when next to the first point, doesn't it?)
* Government will grow... a lot.
* American involvement in foreign conflicts may or may not go down. Foreign conflicts being brought into our borders will multiply.
* Illegal immigration will remain out of control. (to be fair, Sen. McCain also plans to do nothing about this one)
* America will become even less competitive economically than it is today.
* Chinese control of our economy will grow as our debt multiplies.

These are some of what I envision to be in our future should Sen. Obama and the liberals win this election. That's why I'm so worried.

I feel our generation has been given a wonderful gift of opportunity by our predecessors (at a very dear price which includes the sacrifices of the Civil and two World Wars); but that we are collectively turning to self-gratification and are setting ourselves up for judgment in the near future.

My thoughts on the present collection of issues are dominated by abortion. I can not escape believing that we can not continue to murder thousands of unborn infants and still escape without consequences.

It's easy and popular in America to look down our noses at Nazi Germany during the thirties. We console ourselves as having been on the side of the "right" in that situation. It's not hard to imagine how we'd have reacted if we'd been there during that time. We picture ourselves as willing to stand up for the oppressed and helpless as they're being killed. But how is this so different from that?

The situation isn't so simple, I know that. But the fact remains that thousands dead, and most of America seems OK with that. I am not OK with it. I fear it is killing each of us inside to let this continue. The Bible calls that sin.

So that's the summary of my discontent as the press tells us of the coming Obama presidency.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Beginning a Post-Huckabee-Campaign Time in My Blog

I lost a lot of my desire to update a blog in the months following the withdrawal of Gov. Huckabee from the presidential campaign. I continue to believe that his positions are / were much better than those of anyone else remaining in the field.

Gov. Huckabee has heartily endorsed Sen. McCain and is working towards helping him get elected. I strongly prefer McCain over Sen. Obama (and Sen. Clinton as well) but I have difficulty convincing myself to encourage others to support McCain... he really appears to be the consummate Washington politician. I agree with more of his positions than I do Sen. Obama's... and some of those differences are about issues I care deeply about. But where Gov. Huckabee provided a hope to move beyond the politics as usual, Sen. McCain is the stereotype of politics as usual.

May God have mercy on America for such poor choosing of leadership. May He replace the leadership of the National Right to Life organization that endorsed Fred Thompson instead of Gov. Huckabee.

And with that I've decided to begin moving past Presidential politics for blog material.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Even Though Huckabee Won't Be Elected...

... the country still needs the FairTax desperately.

Instead we insist on choosing between two men who sit on committees for a living and we tell ourselves that they're the right ones to lead our country onward. One spouts the word "change" but neither of them have ideas that will make a positive impact on the country anything like the FairTax would.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Upon Further Review... Little Has Changed

Ten days after Gov. Huckabee was defeated in the Republican primaries of Ohio and Texas, some of my anger has subsided. My disgust has not.

A friend who is a Republican asked me if I would now support Sen. McCain in the general election. My initial response to him was that perhaps Sen. McCain should seek support among those who believe like he does: those who support amnesty for illegal immigrants, those who opposed the Bush tax cuts, and those who support embryonic stem cell research. (I then noted that most of those voters are already supporting either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.)

The Republican party continues to ignore the Sanctity of Life issue... after years of tolerating a pro-choice Republican in Deb Pryce, my district has nominated yet another pro-choice Republican in Steve Stivers. Stivers' opponent in the primary was Robert Wagner, who also ignored the entire Sanctity of Life issue on his campaign website. Again pro-life voters had and have no congressional candidates to vote for in Ohio's 15th District. It's quite the irony that there is no "choice" on the Sanctity of Life issue for Ohio's 15th District.

The issues that are most important to me and which led me to support Gov. Huckabee for President were the Sanctity of Life, support of the FairTax, and decreasing the size of government. The Republican Party does not seem to have learned anything from their free-spending ways which led to their defeats in 2006.

I don't see myself supporting either Sen. McCain nor Steve Stivers in the fall. There's just not much difference between their positions and those of their Democratic opponents in the issues which matter the most to me.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Huckabee Defeated

I am angry beyond my ability to describe.

I'd like to play the good sport and congratulate the winner but this isn't a stupid game. Unborn babies will continue to be murdered because of the choices Americans made tonight in Vermont, Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

I see how little John McCain motivates conservatives and I wonder if the leadership at National Right to Life are proud of their endorsement of Fred Thompson. May God replace them all.

I believe the Republican party has forfeited the general election. May God grant health (and a desire to work four more years) to the Supreme Court justices who survive until the end of Pres. Bush's term.

The Conservative Movement's New Leader

Here's an excellent article by Janet Folger at WorldNetDaily...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hey - Who's that Guy?

I got to meet Gov. Huckabee before last week's rally in Columbus. I didn't get much time to talk with him, and I wish I'd have focused that time more on him than on getting pictures taken; but hindsight is always 20/20.

Dallas Morning News' Endorsement

This is the endorsement of the Dallas Morning News announcing their support for Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Home Stretch for Ohio & Texas

I got to meet Gov. Huckabee last Tuesday just prior to his rally in Columbus. I'll post a picture shortly.

Today I spent a few hours with some dedicated Huckabee supporters at a Gun Show on the west side of Columbus. My first trip to a gun show was an enjoyable time. Here's hoping that many of those gun owners will step up and protect our 2nd Amendment rights this Tuesday with votes for Gov. Huckabee.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here Comes Huck... to Columbus!

Huck at the Hyatt! Gov. Huckabee will be attending a rally at the Hyatt Regency (Delaware Room) at 350 N High St in Columbus Tuesday at 1pm.

RSVP to robert.kuykendall@explorehuckabee.com

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Are the Republicans Chasing John McCain...

... because Gerald Ford and Bob Dole are not available?

It appears that the Republican establishment is chasing after a candidate in John McCain who can't even win the majority of red states in his own party.

McCain was outpolled by Barack Obama in Virginia - a historically red state - by 619,036 to 242,578!! McCain has so motivated and inspired the Republicans in this Republican stronghold that the Democrats outvoted Republicans by two to one!!

John McCain is NOT inspiring new voters to the Republican cause. He is NOT part of the solution to the problems Washington has created -- He embodies Washington!

What piece of twisted logic causes Republicans to delude themselves into thinking that he will have a prayer of competing against the younger inspiring Barack Obama? Obama is promising voters ambiguous "change" for change's sake. He tells the masses that the government under Obama will solve all their problems (and they believe it will happen for free). How is it that conservatives think McCain will compete with that if he can't even exceed a third of the raw vote in Virginia of all places? Virginia is not Massachusetts or New York.

There needs to be a stark contrast between what the Dems promise and what the Republican nominee proposes. That contrast does not come from John McCain. Obama and Clinton oppose the Bush Tax Cuts - so did McCain (until he wanted the Republican nomination).

Republicans need to stop staring at the POW piece of McCain's past - we're aware of that, it's honorable, but it's not going to win this election. Remember also the McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy pieces of his past. This man is only conservative when it is convenient.

By contrast, Mike Huckabee is a true conservative who has in Arkansas a demonstrated record of attracting non-Republican voters as well as Republicans. He is the only remaining candidate with any experience at all as an executive. His FairTax is a stark contrast to the Democrats' increased taxing and spending. His consistent stand for the Sanctity of Life is well-known - only he favors amending the Constitution to preserve the life of unborn children. Mike Huckabee, not John McCain, opposes the Brady Bill's imposition on 2nd Amendment Rights. Mike Huckabee, not John McCain, has defeated the Clinton machine in Arkansas four times. Mike Huckabee, not John McCain, can communicate, inspire, and motivate on par with Barack Obama.

If Republicans really want to win the White House, time is running short. The time is now to support Mike Huckabee.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tomorrow's Hope

WarrenPiece has produced another impressive video.

I like the mention of "former favorites who quit the race" and how he notes that the pundits "preferred their own projections above election results".

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Suspends Campaign

Mitt Romney tired of spending his millions and today he has left the active campaign for the Republican nomination.

Conservatives now need to rally around Gov. Huckabee and support him unless they're ready to hand the reins of the Republican Party to Sen. McCain.

To contrast Gov. Huckabee with Sen. McCain:
* Huckabee has a tough immigration policy... McCain has supported amnesty programs and continues to be soft on illegal immigration.
* Huckabee supports the FairTax... McCain supports the IRS.
* Huckabee wants to bring change to the Washington establishment... McCain embodies the Washington establishment.
* Huckabee supports amending the constitution to preserve the sanctity of life... McCain does not.
* Huckabee supports a Veterans' Bill of Rights... honestly, I'm not yet familiar with what McCain proposes to DO for other veterans.

* McCain co-wrote the present campaign "reform" bill (with Diane Feingold) which constrains the political speech of groups of voters with common interests. It also tilts Presidential campaigns significantly in favor of those who are either independently wealthy or those who have campaign funds remaining from previous federal campaigns (like long-time senators). So he wrote himself a downhill path toward the nomination.

So let's step in and help Gov. Huckabee to rally and win the Republican nomination. Gov. Huckabee needs your donation to get his conservative message out to the states which still have yet to vote. Click here to join that effort.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let Huckabee Speak, Let Huckabee Run....

and check his pockets.

Deacon Keith Fournier has posted a great article about Gov. Huckabee and the reception his candidacy has received from the media and the Republican establishment.

It might be interesting to know just what is in his pockets!

When a Leader Appears...

... we are wise to listen to his message of hope and we are wise to not let the opportunity pass.

Mike Huckabee for America

Why Limbaugh, Hannity, et al Oppose Huckabee

The conservative radio talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who are so strident in their opposition to Mike Huckabee have been less than forthright in their motivation.

Their shows are carried by the radio stations of ClearChannel Communications, which has recently been acquired by Bain Capital... the company where Flip Romney made his millions through corporate acquisitions.

If It's Broke.... Fix It.

Mike Huckabee wants to replace the payroll and income taxes with the FairTax... a consumption tax on purchases. American-made goods would be taxed once - at the point of sale - rather than every time an employee (with their embedded payroll taxes) touches them. Illegal immigrants would join the tax base - paying tax like the rest of us for everything they consume. No more would America penalize productivity and savings. A monthly "pre-bate" check would be issued to every citizen up to refund to them the tax they'll incur for the poverty level of spending in the month, so the tax burden not only remains lighter on the poor - it goes away completely for many. The FairTax is designed to be revenue-neutral - the amount of money brought in would not change - but the removal of the hidden taxes built into all the goods we buy would put lots of buying power back into our economy.

What's wrong with this idea? The establishment opposes it. Many people with vested interest in the status quo are made nervous by it. They prefer the complex tax code we have now. Do you?

I don't. Mike Huckabee does not.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hey, Fred! Can You See It Yet? GET OUT!!!

I am one angry and frustrated man tonight. I am edging close to despair over America's future. Tonight South Carolina voted for John McCain by 33% to 30% over Mike Huckabee. Fred Thompson set a personal best tonight with all of sixteen percent.

It will take me some time to forgive Fred Thompson, the National Right to Life Committee, and Fred's supporters for handing John McCain such a big win tonight in South Carolina. May God help Gov. Huckabee to rally in Florida after Thompson finally recognizes what all of America has known since Iowa. Fred needs to drop out of the race and do it now while there's still a chance to nominate a pro-life candidate.

John McCain crafted a Presidential selection process tailor made for long-time Senators such as himself to have a huge advantage. They can use their existing funds from previous federal level races in their campaigns for President. The only other alternative to running a national campaign on level playing grounds with long-time Senators is the tiny set of independently wealthy people like Mitt Romney.

As if the process was not slanted enough, the Christian community leaders waffled between the candidates, some of whom support abortion now, some of whom supported abortion when it was convenient for the race they were running at the time, or they lobbied on behalf of abortion rights groups. So there was no unified voice of Christians DESPITE the "Values Voters" summit where ***51%*** of those present chose Gov. Huckabee. Apparently, the leaders felt "uncomfortable" with the only consistently pro-life candidate. It is time for the leadership of the National Right to Life Committee to resign. Such a position of responsibility and yet so little backbone.

Hey Jim Dobson, if you could really "never vote for John McCain", perhaps the Values Voters Summit was the time to come out with that little tidbit of information? Why bother now? If it's true that his McCain-Feingold Act has involved government in controlling what can and cannot be said in worship services, and what groups like Focus on the Family can tell their supporters, then where was this information in South Carolina?

If 527 Organizations like Club for Growth can receive hundreds of thousands from the rich friends of Flip Romney, and they can run ads without regard to truth or context, where is the fairness or justice in that? Who set up this system, anyway? Oh, that's right... John McCain.

Now we have McCain, Giuliani, and Flip Romney fighting for the lead in "winner take all" Florida... and South Carolina just handed momentum to McCain.

Maybe God really has abandoned America. Maybe the vast number of infant murders already committed is too much for him to overlook.

What will be our answer when the question is asked about abortion: "Why didn't somebody do something?" Will it be "We voted based on political expediency"? Perhaps God will be mollified with "I didn't think Mike could win so I didn't want to vote for him and he lost by three percentage points".

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Review of the SC Debate from Weekly Standard


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In Honor of Huck's Appearance on Letterman...

Gov. Huckabee appeared on David Letterman last night (or so I'm told - my Columbus CBS affiliate thought I'd rather watch a post-game press conference after a bad OSU loss)... StuckonHuck.com posted this video in preparation for that visit... a Huckabee Top Ten List.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Huckabee Interview with Larry King

I like to post videos of Huckabee because he communicates so well. My favorite portion of this interview is near the end when he describes the campaign's cash on hand being a result of frugal spending. That's the sign of a fiscal conservative... his actions there speak louder than the labels affixed to him by the Limbaugh-types.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckabee Wins Iowa

The first step to the Republican nomination has been taken as Gov. Huckabee has won the Iowa Caucuses. In spite of opposition from many of the traditional conservative power-brokers such as Limbaugh, Hannity, etc., Huckabee's message resonated with Iowa's conservative base and he moves on with the win he sought.

Furthermore I think this shows that Mitt Romney's misleading mudslinging not only failed him, but has exposed the weakness of his support. He outspent Huckabee by millions in Iowa and came away with precious little from it. Romney now faces a struggle against Senator McCain to win New Hampshire.

Huck on the Early Show This Morning