Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You asked for it, America.

As I write this I'm seeing the White House go to Sen. Obama (who has never been in charge of anything). It is thoroughly underwhelming.

I walked away from the television after having heard enough gloating to last a lifetime (before 10pm).

What I fear this means I described in my previous post. I pray that I'm wrong.

My anger may settle... I cling to my God (and any guns I may own) while ambiguous "CHANGE" is imposed upon me.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Alan!
Remember when Clinton won the first time? And then two years later there was a conservative sweep in the house? I believe we would not have had that had Bill not been elected.
Mr. Obama will be under an awful lot of pressure and there are a number of expectations which he will be unable to fulfill; no one can! He needs a lot of prayer.
It's not the end of the world. The Republican Party has lost because it has abandoned its platform in order to try to gain more "moderates." If those in leadership in the party would go back to the main pillars of the platform and not quake about what the press says, and not give in, then perhaps we would have someone to vote FOR, rather than just voting against the other guy. We truly haven't had someone like that since Reagan.
So make yourself some tea, or hot cocoa, or some hot cider(we can't get real sweet cider out here--it's just apple juice labeled cider, so please drink some for me if you've got it!)and pray for the country, and for the President Elect. God is in control and he doesn't give the steering wheel over to some junior angel to take a nap or something.
God's got a plan.

Anonymous said...

We've elected a socialist post-modern.

My forecast by issue type:

Social: sharp left turn. However, full impact will be after a new Supreme Court justice or two.

Economic: Curve farther to left. Our economic policies are already going in a strongly socialist direction, so no major course change is needed.

Military: Steady erosion. As Obama builds ties with the UN and with the US's ideological enemies, his need for a strong military will drop. Post-moderns get their power from narratives, not guns. However, Obama will find a military helpful to control pesky domestic ideologues clinging to their guns and religion.