Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been overdramatic most of my life...

I can remember other elections in the past when I was sure a particular outcome would have tragic results. I comfort myself now with the hope that I was occasionally way off base in those thoughts. Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic again.

Nonetheless, I can not escape the sick feeling of bitterness in my stomach that America is about to entrench itself further into making abortion a permanent stain on the American landscape.

My imagination runs wild with what the Democrats would do with possession of the White House along with super-majorities in both houses of Congress.

I think one should expect that during an Obama administration with both houses of congress in Democratic control the following will happen:
* Abortion will remain legal at any time in any manner for any reason (or no reason) and any attempt to restrict it will be destroyed.
* Christians (and Muslims) will increasingly face pressure to conform to the tyranny of political correctness. Houses of worship of any faith will be made to submit to "hate speech" rules of political correctness regardless of the position of their faith's beliefs. I believe this will impact Christians and Muslims alike who may believe that homosexual activity is wrong. Preachers will no longer be permitted to declare their faith's beliefs without fear of legal problems.
* Private youth organizations and private colleges and universities will be forced to either admit practicing homosexuals as leaders contrary to their doctrines or close.
* Taxes will go up. (This pales by comparison in importance when next to the first point, doesn't it?)
* Government will grow... a lot.
* American involvement in foreign conflicts may or may not go down. Foreign conflicts being brought into our borders will multiply.
* Illegal immigration will remain out of control. (to be fair, Sen. McCain also plans to do nothing about this one)
* America will become even less competitive economically than it is today.
* Chinese control of our economy will grow as our debt multiplies.

These are some of what I envision to be in our future should Sen. Obama and the liberals win this election. That's why I'm so worried.

I feel our generation has been given a wonderful gift of opportunity by our predecessors (at a very dear price which includes the sacrifices of the Civil and two World Wars); but that we are collectively turning to self-gratification and are setting ourselves up for judgment in the near future.

My thoughts on the present collection of issues are dominated by abortion. I can not escape believing that we can not continue to murder thousands of unborn infants and still escape without consequences.

It's easy and popular in America to look down our noses at Nazi Germany during the thirties. We console ourselves as having been on the side of the "right" in that situation. It's not hard to imagine how we'd have reacted if we'd been there during that time. We picture ourselves as willing to stand up for the oppressed and helpless as they're being killed. But how is this so different from that?

The situation isn't so simple, I know that. But the fact remains that thousands dead, and most of America seems OK with that. I am not OK with it. I fear it is killing each of us inside to let this continue. The Bible calls that sin.

So that's the summary of my discontent as the press tells us of the coming Obama presidency.