Friday, July 11, 2008

Beginning a Post-Huckabee-Campaign Time in My Blog

I lost a lot of my desire to update a blog in the months following the withdrawal of Gov. Huckabee from the presidential campaign. I continue to believe that his positions are / were much better than those of anyone else remaining in the field.

Gov. Huckabee has heartily endorsed Sen. McCain and is working towards helping him get elected. I strongly prefer McCain over Sen. Obama (and Sen. Clinton as well) but I have difficulty convincing myself to encourage others to support McCain... he really appears to be the consummate Washington politician. I agree with more of his positions than I do Sen. Obama's... and some of those differences are about issues I care deeply about. But where Gov. Huckabee provided a hope to move beyond the politics as usual, Sen. McCain is the stereotype of politics as usual.

May God have mercy on America for such poor choosing of leadership. May He replace the leadership of the National Right to Life organization that endorsed Fred Thompson instead of Gov. Huckabee.

And with that I've decided to begin moving past Presidential politics for blog material.